Concord Specialty Pharmacy

Co-op Employment

Introduction to Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is a strong movement in the province of Ontario. Our Pharmacy will provide students with the opportunity to spend time performing a variety of tasks in all departments of the organization in order to get a well-rounded understanding of the business.  We proudly offer both secondary and post-secondary co-op education experience.

Why Co-operative Education?

Students graduating from post-secondary programs are now facing profound social, technological and economic change. Through Co-operative Education, employers and educators share the responsibility of preparing students for these rapidly changing conditions. The employer becomes a co-educator helping to develop today’s students to become graduates ready to assume productive careers in a dynamic and demanding workplace.

Employer Responsibilities

For a Co-op Work Term to be successful, the supervisor and student must establish an effective relationship. For most placements, the student becomes an employee of the employing organization and is expected to be treated as any other temporary employee regarding benefits and other employment requirements as defined by the Employment Standards Act or a Collective Agreement. As such, the employer assumes responsibility, as they would for any other employee, for the period of the Co-op employment, and students accept the responsibilities of an employee. To increase the student’s productivity and facilitate learning, at the outset, Concord Specialty Pharmacy will:

  • Advise the student about all issues of confidentiality in the workplace and ensure that any non-disclosure agreements are signed prior to the commencement of work prepare the student’s co-workers and other staff for the arrival of the student.
  • Provide the student with an orientation to the workplace, including an overview of the organization (e.g. mission statement, products, etc.), physical layout, relevant personnel, safety practices, and the duties or tasks expected during the Work Term.