What You Need to Know: Popular Antacid Drug Ranitidine Pulled Off the Market

Health Canada, following the US FDA and EMEA announcements, have requested that companies stop distributing RANITIDINE drugs in Canada, while it assesses NDMA, an impurity detected in some RANITIDINE products to be above the acceptable level, that may cause cancer after lifetime exposure. It’s found in some foods and even in water at times but at very low levels.

This means that the existing stock of RANITIDINE products currently available in pharmacies may continue to be sold.

Health Canada will take further actions if a risk to Canadians is identified and will continue to inform the public of new safety information.

Oral forms are the most affected and recalled, while injections are still available to use but with restrictive supply until Health Canada completes its thorough assessment.

It is important to note that NOT all RANITIDINE products are affected and recalled. The supply of the only other alternative, Famotidine, is also affected by such a critical situation.

Concord Specialty Pharmacy pharmacists are working diligently with physicians to recommend alternative therapies when necessary, such as Pantoprazole, for their TPN patients to ensure no disruption in their most needed treatment.